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Hand safety

A Hand Safety video


Mind Your Hands:

With injuries to the hands being one of the highest single incidents throughout industry this 13 minute video on hand and finger safety draws attention to the major hazards confronting people using their hands at work.

Illustrations are given of cutting, crushing, puncturing, and burning of the hands and fingers and gives practical guidance on how to avoid the injuries along with suggestions for various forms of hand protection that are available.


An ideal hand and finger awareness programme for the new starter or as a reminder for experienced workers.


Running time 13 mins



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This product is now available for download.
This product is now available for download.

Now included in the download version is a copy of the handout booklet;  plus a feedback quiz based upon the video.


The download is in MP4 wide angle HD format, ideal to load onto your Intranet or laptop or include in your presentations. Download  your copy now.