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Part 1 What You Should Know

This video based instructional programme has been developed to prepare staff to operate in a safe and confident manner when faced with the need to work in or around "confined spaces".

The programme comprises: -

The Law, Confined Space Regulations 1997.
What is a Confined Space? Typical confined spaces, typical hazards that may exist in confined spaces.
Confined Space Atmospheres, breathable air, oxygen deficiency, hazardous substances in an atmosphere.
Combustible/Flammable Atmospheres, elements of a fire or explosion, explosive or flammable atmosphere, the meaning of L.E.L. and U.E.L
Isolation Procedures, vessel entry, the basic steps necessary to isolate a typical production vessel. Avoiding entry. 

Running time is 29 mins.


Part 2 Testing & Monitoring the Atmosphere

In this module we deal with the equipment and procedures used in order to both sample and monitor an atmosphere within a confined space.

The trainee will learn:

The reasons for testing a confined space atmosphere, and why this is important.
How to identify common types of gas-detection and monitoring instruments.
How to read and interpret information from a typical display screen.
How to set up and prepare an instrument for use.
How to use an instrument.
How to care-for and maintain instruments.

Running time is 28 mins.                                             Both parts are available separately if required.

confined space entry

Confined Space Safety:



Part 1      £75 - 00


Part 2      £75 - 00


Parts1&2 £130 - 00



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This interactive computer based training package covers the structure maintenance and mounting of grinding wheels.


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Angle Grinder Disc cutter
This programme spells out the real hazards presented by a revolving wheel and demonstrates the power of an exploding wheel. Click here for more information
This product is now available for download.

Now included in the download version is a copy of the Instructor and Trainee workbooks;  plus a feedback quiz based upon the video.


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This product is now available for download.